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Hevay Duty Trucks

Truck is a huge vehicle designed and engineered for transporting bulk goods, equipment or materials. The term comes form Greek trochos, which means wheel. In North America, big wheels of wagons are known as trucks. These vehicles are mostly used in construction sector and designed for carrying heavy building materials or machines. There are different types of trucks in the market and one of the most commonly used is heavy duty trucks. These automobiles were used for mud bogging and truck pulling.

Heavy duty trucks are quite heavy and huge and come with plethora of features. Some of the most famous truck manufacturing companies in the market include Kenworth, Peterbilt and Mack Trucks. So those who are looking for used latest heavy duty trucks, parts, bumpers, wheels for sale, Oils Truck is the best choice.

Kenworth T600 is one of the most highly evolved aerodynamic long haul conventional trucks, which is perfect for line haul applications. It is perfect truck for pickup and regional and delivery haul applications. The T600 is engineered for driver comfort with 64-inch front spring, eight-bag proprietary air suspension and cab/sleeper suspension, which combine to provide unmatched smooth ride.

Peterbilt 587 is designed with innovative new forward lighting system that significantly improved visibility along with more consistent light distribution, down road visibility and overall road coverage. It is also equipped with newly designed steering wheel geometry, which offers impressive curb to curb maneuverability. On the other hand, the new front end design smoothly diverts air over and around streamlined hood and molded bumper.    

Titan by Mack is massive and one of the largest trucks ever made boasting 605, 515 and 565 horsepower models. This particular model is engineered for heavy duty transport market and is an ultimate construction truck ideal for severe heavy haul, logging, heavy equipment and oil field applications.

Hevay duty truck for sale parts and bumpers, wheels

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Used Heavy Duty Asphalt/Hot Oil Tank Truck for sale Asphalt/Hot Oil Tank Truck
Used Heavy Duty Beverage Truck for sale Beverage Truck
Used Heavy Duty Bucket Truck/Boom Truck for sale Bucket Truck/Boom Truck
Used Heavy Duty Cab and Chassis Truck for sale Cab and Chassis Truck
Used Heavy Duty Cabover Truck w/ Sleeper for sale Cabover Truck w/ Sleeper
Used Heavy Duty Cabover Truck w/o Sleeper for sale Cabover Truck w/o Sleeper
Used Heavy Duty Car Carrier Truck for sale Car Carrier Truck
Used Heavy Duty Chemical/Acid Tank Truck for sale Chemical/Acid Tank Truck
Used Heavy Duty Chipper Truck for sale Chipper Truck
Used Heavy Duty Conventional Truck w/ Sleeper for sale Conventional Truck w/ Sleeper
Used Heavy Duty Conventional Truck w/o Sleeper for sale Conventional Truck w/o Sleeper
Used Heavy Duty Crane Truck for sale Crane Truck
Used Heavy Duty Dry Van for sale Dry Van
Used Heavy Duty Dump Bodies ONLY for sale Dump Bodies ONLY
Used Heavy Duty Dump Chassis Truck for sale Dump Chassis Truck
Used Heavy Duty Dump Truck for sale Dump Truck
Used Heavy Duty Dump/Transfer for sale Dump/Transfer
Used Heavy Duty Expeditor/Hot Shot Truck for sale Expeditor/Hot Shot Truck
Used Heavy Duty Farm/Grain Truck for sale Farm/Grain Truck
Used Heavy Duty Fire Truck for sale Fire Truck
Used Heavy Duty Flatbed Truck for sale Flatbed Truck
Used Heavy Duty Flatbed-Dump Truck for sale Flatbed-Dump Truck
Used Heavy Duty Fuel/Lube Truck for sale Fuel/Lube Truck
Used Heavy Duty Gasoline/Fuel Tank Truck for sale Gasoline/Fuel Tank Truck
Used Heavy Duty Glider Kit for sale Glider Kit
Used Heavy Duty Grapple Truck for sale Grapple Truck
Used Heavy Duty Hooklift Truck for sale Hooklift Truck
Used Heavy Duty Logging Truck for sale Logging Truck
Used Heavy Duty LPG Tank Truck for sale LPG Tank Truck
Used Heavy Duty Milk Tank Truck for sale Milk Tank Truck
Used Heavy Duty Mixer/Asphalt/Concrete Truck for sale Mixer/Asphalt/Concrete Truck
Used Heavy Duty Moving Van for sale Moving Van
Used Heavy Duty Other Trucks for sale Other Trucks
Used Heavy Duty Packer Truck for sale Packer Truck
Used Heavy Duty Passenger Bus for sale Passenger Bus
Used Heavy Duty Plow/Spreader Truck for sale Plow/Spreader Truck
Used Heavy Duty Reefer Bodies ONLY for sale Reefer Bodies ONLY
Used Heavy Duty Reefer Van for sale Reefer Van
Used Heavy Duty Roll-Back Tow Truck for sale Roll-Back Tow Truck
Used Heavy Duty Roll-Off Truck for sale Roll-Off Truck
Used Heavy Duty Salvage Truck for sale Salvage Truck
Used Heavy Duty Service/Utility/Mechanic Truck for sale Service/Utility/Mechanic Truck
Used Heavy Duty Stake Truck for sale Stake Truck
Used Heavy Duty Tank/Vacuum Bodies ONLY for sale Tank/Vacuum Bodies ONLY
Used Heavy Duty Toter Truck for sale Toter Truck
Used Heavy Duty Vacuum Tank Truck for sale Vacuum Tank Truck
Used Heavy Duty Van Bodies ONLY for sale Van Bodies ONLY
Used Heavy Duty Water Tank Truck for sale Water Tank Truck
Used Heavy Duty Winch Truck for sale Winch Truck
Used Heavy Duty Wrecker Tow Truck for sale Wrecker Tow Truck
Used Heavy Duty Yard Spotter Truck for sale Yard Spotter Truck
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